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Highest Paid Athlete in US, Lionel Messi Dons a Five

Jun 14, 2024Jun 14, 2024

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PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 29: Lionel Messi (ARG / PSG) is awarded with hisseventh Ballon D’Or award attends the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Theatre duChatelet on November 29, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages)

Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer players of all time, continues to make headlines with his extravagant lifestyle. With a net worth of $600 million, it comes as no surprise that the Argentine soccer legend enjoys indulging in luxurious possessions. From cars to mansions, Messi’s opulent collection knows no bounds.

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With his recent move to Inter Miami, he has become the highest-paid athlete in the USA across all sports. This lucrative deal will undoubtedly contribute highly to his already impressive fortune. While the hype surrounding the move has still not settled the 36-year-old again captured the attention of admirers with his latest fashion statement. Messi recently donned a luxurious timepiece in a fitting tribute to the late soccer legend, Diego Maradona.


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In a recent video shared on social media, Messi can be seen wearing a classic Argentina jersey from the 1994 World Cup. The jersey, with the number 10 etched on the back, was similar to the one worn by Maradona during the tournament. This gesture served as a poignant homage to the Argentine icon, who sadly passed away in November 2020.

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But it wasn’t just the iconic jersey that caught the attention of fans. Messi also sported a stunning watch on his wrist, showcasing his love for luxurious timepieces. The watch in question is a GMT Master II ‘Sprite’, an exquisite creation from one of the most esteemed watch brands in the world. The company behind this timepiece is none other than Rolex, a name synonymous with luxury.

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$600 Million Rich Lionel Messi Sports ‘Priceless’ Masterpiece Before DowningMLS’ Atlanta United With a Brace

Rolex, with a staggering value of around $8.35 billion, has become a global leader in the luxury watch market. And with a price tag of approximately $23,000, the Rolex GMT Master II ‘Sprite’ is certainly no exception. The timepiece features a striking green and black cerachrom bezel that adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to its design. Made from stainless steel and fitted with an oyster bracelet, the watch exudes a sense of strength and sophistication.

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It is a testament to his love for watches and his desire to surround himself with the finest things in life. With his illustrious career far from over, Lionel Messi will undoubtedly continue to make headlines and bring in unimaginable riches. To comprehend that, let’s look at Messi’s contract with Inter Miami.

The contract Lionel Messi has signed with Inter Miami is truly extraordinary. With an annual salary of around $55 million, he is the highest-paid player in MLS. What’s even more impressive is that Messi has secured profit-sharing agreements with major sponsors Apple, Adidas, and Fanatics.


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Lionel Messi is set to be the highest-paid athlete on US soil.

And his taxes will be steep: ??

$55M: Salary–$20.35M: Federal Tax$0: Florida Tax$0: Agent Fee$1.64M: Jock Tax$1.29M: FICA/Medicare=$31.7M: Net Income

— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash) June 20, 2023

To top it off, Messi also holds a stake in Inter Miami, further enhancing his deal. These earnings amount to a staggering sum of approximately $150 million per year. In fact, in due time, Messi is predicted to become the richest athlete in due time, surpassing the current titleholder Michael Jordan, whose net worth stands at around $1.7 billion.


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WATCH THIS STORY: NFL Star’s Wife Celebrates Soccer Greatest Lionel Messi’s Miami Transfer with Unbridled Joy